Soda Carbonator & Infusing System 0,75L

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Instructions for carbonating (Co2) or infusing (N2O):
Insert the measuring tube.
Fill to 1.2L (max)
Screw on the head firmly.
Insert a CO2 or N2O cartridge in a holder, twist on to the head to charge with gas.
Shake 5-10 times, then remove the charge holder. Shaking mixes the CO2 or N2O with the liquid – more shakes the better!
Let rest for 1-5 minutes – longer you leave it the fizzier or more infused it will be!
Press the button to release the gas.
Remove the head, pour your drink and enjoy.
Screw on the cap and store in the fridge.
Carbonation will decline over time depending on temperature (lower the better) and volume of liquid in the bottle. It should stay well carbonated for many days.


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