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64.48 (συμ. ΦΠΑ)


Apron made of blue denim in combination with brown gabardine and topstitching. It has three functional pockets, one chest and two lap pockets in different sizes depending on your needs (pda, money, coin holder, opener).

Exceptional satin lining that comes in different colors to choose from.

For the neck and waist tie we use dungaree with a metal button to adjust for a flawless fit.

Choose the combination of colors in the CAMEL apron depending on your workplace and your personal taste. All our designs can be made in both women and men patterns and sizes can be adapted depending on your body type. The neck and waist tie can change (dungaree, hooks, rivets, clips, X-design).

Customize your own apron for a personal standout style!

SKU: 02007


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