Carl Mertens «Hampton» Shaker 750ml

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Carl Mertens managed to design again a functional but striking design serie called «Hampton». This shaker convinces with its clear and graceful shape and functionality. This exquisite object has a capacity of 750ml and despite to its height of 25,5cm, it is handy and smooth to your hand. Furthermore due to the usage of the brushed stainless steel, the high quality becomes underlined and it expresses the excellent workmanship and the insensibility. Moreover this Carl Mertens shaker consists of two parts: the cap and the goblet. The cover plate provides you a securely shaking and due to the slightly waved shape, it is very handy. The cap slightly lies seamless on the goblet and it excellently fits. This high quality product pleases you. The goblet slightly narrows downwards.
Give this Hampton shaker as a present or use it in your own homebar and in a classic bars, it should not be missing as well.

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