Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Brazilian Bitters


17.94 (συμ. ΦΠΑ)


Handcrafted, hand-bottled and hand-labelled, Brazilian Bitters are a welcome addition to our portfolio and have an array of potential uses in both food and drinks, working in classics such as the Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Palmetto, in tropical and tiki beverages, and in simple combinations such as the Dark & Stormy, Horse’s Neck and Whisk(e)y & Soda.

Tasting Notes: Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Brazilian Bitters have layers of complex flavour with omplex vanilla, almond, cherry, smoke, cracked peppercorns, warm baking spices, clove, and tonka, and hints of sweet coconut, spicy mace and flamed cinnamon.


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