Best Whip 0,25 lt

30.38 (συμ. ΦΠΑ)


Total height: 20,5cm
Diameter: 8cm
Accessories: charger holder, 2 decorator nozzles, operating instructions, small brush
Due to the usage of brushed aluminium and a clear and protective coating, this siphon looks very elegant and attractive. Furthermore it has a handy and convenient size, so that you have anywhere and anytime cream ready: in your bar, in your kitchen, in your garden and during your party; everywhere where you need fresh whipped cream. «Whip´s content up to four times the liquid volume» (written on the cover). Refine cream with attractive syrups and surprise your family with taste and appearance.
This siphon goes with a manual book, a charger holder and two decorator nozzles for an attractive presenting of the cream and finally a small cleaning brush. Just place the siphon in the refrigerator and the content will be kept fresh for up to 14 days. Furthermore it is easy to clean because the head and the body is made of aluminium.


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