The Mixologist by C.F. Lawlor

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Reproduction of 1895 edition
New introduction by Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh
Contains period advertisements in addition to recipes
Hardcover, 144 pages

A reproduction of the 1895 edition of The Mixicologist by C.F. Lawlor, with a new introduction by Ted «Dr. Cocktail» Haigh. From the introduction: “If one final thing sets C.F. Lawlor’s The Mixicologist apart from other bar guides of the era, it’s the great number of period advertisements it contains. These pages are wonderful. One could almost reconstruct downtown Cincinnati circa 1895 from them. They are a window into the lives, aspirations and dreams of its people as the twentieth century crouched just over the rise, ready to change everything.” Hardcover, 144 pages.


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