The Smoking Gun® Pro

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The PolyScience® Smoking Gun® Sage Commercial,
is the new heavy-duty professional model takes all the best features of the existing model, and then they have worked with some of the best chefs in the world to create an even better smoking gun with improved airflow, reduced noise, and without the resin build up.
Infuse your food with classic aromas such as hickory or applewood, or experiment with creative flavours like teas, spices or dried flowers. The Smoking Gun™ lets you add delicious smoky flavours to fish, meats, or liquids and its heat-free operation means you can even smoke more delicate foods like cheese without melting them.

Smoking Gun® Sage
4 mesh filters – Hex Key
2 wood chip samples: Applewood and Hickory

*Batteries necessary: 4x AA (NOT INCLUDED!)*

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