Tojiro Zen 90mm

50.00 (συμ. ΦΠΑ)


Tojiro have been pursuing the keenness, also has a lot of accumulated know-how. Especially, the knowledge for processing 3-layer material is one of the top classes and the production number is No.1 in the world.
“Easiness to use” is from western-style and “Comfortable grip and convenience of being able to change the handle” are from Japanese-style knives. It is a fusion of modern style and Japanese tradition.
We set this series in a reasonable price range so that you can casually fell the feeling of upper grade “Shippu” DP Damascus series that has been gaining excellent reactions. We never compromise with the sharpness even if it is reasonable price. Please feel Tojiro’s heart and soul.
Total Length 200mm
Blade Length 90mm
Weight 40g

SKU: 01640


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