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Our Lecithin is premium quality de-oiled Soy Lecithin powder. Lecithin is an emulsifier (prevents oil and water from separating). Soy lecithin offers a multifunctional, flexible and versatile tool, its emulsifying properties help promote solidity in margarine and give a consistent texture to dressings, sauces, cheeses and chocolate. Lecithin can be added to bread recipes to help combine the mixture of water and vegetable oils present in the dough, which otherwise would not form stable mixtures, this will result in a softer, lighter textured bread. It can be added to sauces and soups to increase the foaming effect, resulting in a light stable foam.

  • Emulsifier and texture improver
  • Ideal for stopping the separation of oil and liquids
  • Use to improve the texture of chocolate and dough
  • Create airs of sauces and soups
  • Create light stable foams

How to use: Lecithin powder can be emulsified into liquid using a blender.

Dosage rates: 5-9 grams per 1 litre of liquid.

Storage Conditions: Shelf life of 2 years. Once opened please store in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: SOYA Lecithin E322

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegan’s & Vegetarian’s, Non GMO, Halal friendly, Kosher friendly.

Typical Nutritional Information:

Based on typical content/100g

Energy:                         700kCal

Protein:                         0g

Carbohydrate:             2%

Fat:                                53.3g

Fibre:                             6g

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