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Fructose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in foods such as fruits and vegetables. It gives fruits their sweet taste. The fine crystalline fructose is 1.2 times sweeter than sugar, allowing for a reduction in the amount of sugar needed to sweeten foods. It offers unique benefits including improved product texture, taste and stability, mouth feel of beverages and foods and contributes to increased height in baked goods. Fructose is widely used in low calorie products, flavoured water and milk, yoghurt, baked goods, confectionery, fruit juice and many more.  It has a low Glycemic Index and is widely used as a food ingredient in the food industry. The Glycemic load per gm for fructose is 19, table sugar is 65 per gm.

  • 1.2 times sweeter than sugar
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Improves texture, taste and stability
  • Improves mouth feel of beverages and foods
  • Improves shelf life of products such as soft cookies and nutrition bars
  • Can be used as a dietary product
  • Mixes well with other sweeteners

How to use: When substituting fructose for sugar in baked goods that rise and non-rise, measure two-thirds cup of fructose for every cup of sugar called for in the recipe and make the recipe as usual, (for non-rise set the oven 10-15° lower than instructed). Baked goods will stay moist longer with fructose than they normally do with sucrose. For all other products add the sucrose to taste which is normally between two-thirds to three quarters fructose in place of sugar.

Storage Conditions: Please store in dry, cool conditions and not in direct sunlight. Shelf life of 2 years.

Ingredients: Fructose

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegan’s & Vegetarian’s, Non GMO, Low Glycemic Index.

Typical Nutritional Information:

Based on typical content/100g

Energy:                         400kCal

Protein:                         0g

Carbohydrate:            100g

Fat:                                0g

Fibre:                            0g

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